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Dewy Meadows Maple

Making maple syrup and maple products for over a century.




Endless Mountains Cabins Maple Syrup

Maple syrup has been produced on our farm in Rome, Pennsylvania, since it was settled by Daniel Russel in 1796. Back then, wooden taps and buckets were used to collect the sweet flowing sap from the trees.
Oxen pulled sleds that carried barrels of the sap to a clearing in the woods where it was boiled down in open kettles. The old cabin still stands in the woods to remind us where it all started.
These days, in early spring, the "sweet water" flows from thousands of taps in our maple trees through many miles of pipelines.
The sap ends up at our cabin here on the Russell farm where it is
boiled down into pure maple syrup using today's technology.




Beckwith Maples

Beckwith Maples, nestled in the Endless Mountains of PA in the North Central part of the state,
has been in operation since 1978.





Russell Maple Farms
Donald Russell     888-429-4854

Russell Maple Farms is a family owned and operated maple farm located in the pristine forest lands of Bradford County's scenic
Endless Mountians. Maple syrup and pure maple products have been produced here
on the farm by the Russell family since 1918. Russell Maple Farms is also your source for maple sugarin' equipment and supplies.
An active dairy farm compliments the maple farm.
Extra hay from the farm's crop land is available packaged in the old traditional square bales.


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